Welcome to the McCord ResearchTM OliveNetTM Library website!  This library was conceived by two olive compound researchers, D. Elizabeth McCord, PhD, FAPWCA and Tom Karagiannis, PhD to help others who are interested in, or currently researching olive compounds. The website provides information about many groups and subgroups of olive compounds, as well as detailed information about individual compounds of interest including concentration analyses from various sources, MeSH classifications, useful external links, and extensive lists of relevant publications.

The easiest way to find specific compounds of interest is to select the olive compound group to which your compound belongs at the top of the library page then narrow your selection down to the subgroup it comprises, open up the subgroup and pick your specific compound. For example, if searching for hydroxytyrosol you would select phenols, simple phenols then hydroxytyrosol. Another way to find your compound of interest is to use the search bar at the top of each website page.

Our website is meant to be an interactive way for olive researchers to gain information and contribute to the knowledge of other olive researchers. We welcome any questions, suggestions or comments you care to submit to our website in the comment section and please feel free to sign up for website updates and periodic news. We also welcome any corrections or new information including recent publication references related to olive compounds that will be added to the website upon approval. If you use our website for research that you publish or present, please cite our article describing the OliveNet Library as instructed (see below). Thank you for visiting our website, we hope you find it as useful as the McCord ResearchTM olive scientists who are excited to share olive compound information with you.

Please cite:
Natalie P. Bonvino, Julia Liang, Elizabeth D. McCord, Elena Zafiris, Natalia Benetti, Nancy B. Ray, Andrew Hung, Dimitrios Boskou and Tom C. Karagiannis. OliveNetTM: a comprehensive library of compounds from Olea europaea. Database, 2018, 1–9, doi: 10.1093/database/bay016